Monday, 7 November 2011

Well this hasn't gone well

I would however like to point you towards my new project that I hope will start well and continue in that vein; if anyone is out there, please take a peek at:

This a new project I'm starting that hopefully will help me in some small way escape the Doldrums! Happy Wargaming!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

I've been away for a while again!

But here are some very lovely pictures of a fully "restored" Traitor Chimera!

I dreamt up some interesting fluff actually: the  tank was a loyalist one that partook in an  abortive invasion of a Daemon World within the Eye of Terror. This vehicle like many others was left planetside during the evacuation, and the same abandoned vehicles now fight for Chaos, in the legions of the Damned.

I should probably add that there is now a Flamer in the gun port in the front, and the rear has a door that looks like it maybe could work. I'll post pics when I've painted it!

Monday, 3 January 2011

First EVER plasticard Infantry scratch-build!

Well I know it isn't much, but I like it. Long term followers of this blog (Of 8 posts!) will note that I don't have much self-appreciation for any of my work, but I think that I'm genuinely proud of this one. So without further ado, here is a bionic arm for a Regimental Standard Bearer for my Traitor Guard!

Ta Daaaa!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Bitz Review: NEW Pig Iron Productions Unhooded Feral Heads

Hello all! I recently came into possession of the new Unhooded Feral Heads sprue from Pig Iron Productions, I thought that everyone would appreciate seeing the sprue as it arrived, compared to some heads from the WH40K range & an older Pig Iron head, and finally with the head sitting proudly atop some shoulders (I apologise in advance for the crappiness of the traitor guardsman in advance, it was a pure bitz-box build).

So this is the sprue as it came in the mail, excellent quality with very little flashing and I got a decent first impression looking at the faces.

Here are four heads next to each other, from left to right: Imperial Guard Vox Caster, Pig Iron Unhooded Feral, Catachan Jungle Fighter & Pig Iron Rebe. The Unhooded feral is roughly equivalent in size to the guardsmen, whereas the older Pig Iron design appears a little smaller.

This is the new Feral head atop a rebel guardsman, the proportions look somewhere between perfect and excellent.

Another picture of the Traitor Guardsman from another angle, please ignore the mould lines.

Overall, this is a definate 9/10 purchase, if you're running traitor guard I would highly recommend checking out some of Pig Iron's head range: the quality is excellent and at 20p a head they're good value for money too.

ADDENDUM GRIPE: Games Workshop charge you £5 for 10 heads - that makes the Pig Iron ones over 200% cheaper & I can't think of an excuse for this.

Monday, 18 October 2010

I was away for a while, now I am not away. Pre Heresy Space Marine.

Hello all! I'd apologise for the lack of updates, but there was never really any content to start with. Here is a Marine in full Mk 5 plate, with parts sourced from 6 different boxed sets; hopefully to be part of a Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors squad I have in the pipeline. I'll include a picture of a Forge World Mk 5 Marine for comparison. Also I can't Green Stuff to save my life, so kit-bashing and plasticard work is about all you're going to get.

You see that shit? Quality photography from Forge World, they've got a lightbox and everything.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Industrial Coke?

Quick update today, with a couple of pictures detailing how easy it really is to make 40k Terrain; Coke can, card, PVA Glue and patience are all you need!

Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Dikton Mk.4 - a Rhino APC conversion (Part One)

The Imperium of Man is massive, encompassing worlds of every type, from agri-worlds of sprawling hydroponic fields to hive worlds of unimaginable squalor to feudal worlds, ruled over by petty kings who worship the sky-god. Over these thousands of planets, you would have thought there would be more than one vehicle for transporting the bloody Imperial Guard, right?

Inspired by Dave Taylor's awesome trucks (below) and my abject lack of money, I was driven to convert a spare Rhino I had lying around into an alternative APC.

There will be fluffings for this I assure you, hopefully in the same style as something in an Imperial Armour book but here I humbly present to you the first parts of the Dikton Mk.4 - the front-plate and the turret.

Any suggestions/criticisms/abuse would be very welcome indeed, leave me a comment!